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i dont want to tag this because im embarrassed but
i want to practice drawing kisses. I guess. yeah.
((also because me and scad talked About Things today and i got emotional.))


i dont want to tag this because im embarrassed but

i want to practice drawing kisses. I guess. yeah.

((also because me and scad talked About Things today and i got emotional.))

Still Alive

Admin here.  Just reassuring all Sakanars that the I’m alive but I haven’t been able to find any fresh material for the blog.  Hope everyone is well and enjoying what I have managed to find.


(I wanted to try a slightly different angle on the ‘usual’ Taidai dynamic??????????)
(I’m gonna stop writing forever now because how do smut)

Things were going pretty well. In fact, they were going better than Yuudai would ever have dared hope. He’d forgotten what it felt like to have someone want you like this. 

It felt good.

Maybe that was what made him get so carried away. It was a strange thought, him getting carried away, but all Yuudai knew was that one moment he was sitting in Taisei’s lap, kissing him fiercely and gripping his bare waist with both hands, and the next Taisei was suddenly pulling away, a small protesting squeak escaping his lips.

Yuudai paused, one hand on Taisei’s zipper. The air was hot and still, the sweat on Yuudai’s bare back slippery under Taisei’s hands. He swallowed, and scrutinised Taisei closely. “You okay?”

“Yeah! Yeah, I – ” Taisei’s arms tightened around Yuudai, pulling him close once more. “C’mere.”

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I’m just gonna post this here…. 

I’m just gonna post this here…. 


(Just gonna leave this here…)

(OTL I’m sorry i just wanted to try something that wasn’t taidai this was silly of me)

She’d told him she was a flower stylist. He wasn’t sure what to expect from that, but he supposed it should have been this. Taro stared around the hallway as he slipped his shoes off, reeling slightly from the pungent atmosphere. Plants adorned every surface, from tiny little succulents to huge overflowing pots of orchids. Attached to one wall was a wire basket from which spilled some kind of coarse creeper, while a sturdy looking money tree skulked in the corner, surrounded by a pool of its own leaves. Moriko stood in the midst of it all like a prickly shrub, arms folded and brows lowered.

“You’ve – um – you’ve got a lot of plants,” he said awkwardly, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“Don’t touch anything,” she snarled. “If you knock something over you’re paying for it.” And she stalked away before Taro had the chance to return her glare.

Reluctantly, he screwed up his pride and followed her through into the lounge. At the back of his mind he constantly reminded himself that this was for Jiro, this was all for Jiro…His brother had been so happy lately and Taro would never forgive himself if he ruined things by clashing with Chie’s sister.

Not that Moriko was making things easy for him. As he stared around the apartment, she shot him a venomous look in which he saw reflected his own distrust. Yep, even through the fuzzy haze of several beers she was still aggravating. So what was he even doing here?

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aaaaand another

(halp someone stop me before i write again)

It was the sunlight that woke him. Pale and watery, it struggled through the tiny window and cut through the silence of Yuudai’s bedroom to strike him squarely in the face. He uttered the softest of groans and screwed up his eyes in discomfort as he sleepily realised he’d forgotten to draw the curtains before going to bed.

Well, it was only to be expected, he reflected broodingly, rolling onto his back. He’d been somewhat preoccupied last night after all.

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oops another fanfic

(maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to submit these non-anonymously but today is not that day)

"Agh…" Jiro stretched slowly and grappled with his own arm behind his back. He’d enjoyed that jog; it felt like he’d accomplished something on his day off, even if it was only going that one extra mile. Passing a hand over his slightly-untidy hair, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his door keys, already looking forward to a refreshing shower and a couple of hours of pointless television.

At first glance, the apartment appeared empty. As he pulled his running shoes off on the doormat, Jiro glanced towards the kitchen clock and nodded to himself. Of course, Taro had gone out shopping; he’d said so earlier. Still, he wasn’t used to such silence - why wasn’t Taisei watching awful soap operas like he usually did on his mornings off?

Jiro rinsed his hands at the kitchen sink and meandered over to the fridge. As he straightened up with a can of soda in one hand, he cocked his head and frowned slightly. Was that the shower? “Tai?”

No reply. Jiro popped the can open and took a sip. Maybe Taisei couldn’t hear over the running water. “Tai? Is that you?”

There was a sudden frantic scurrying sound, a muffled “ooph!” from the bedroom, and then the door opened a crack to reveal Taisei hastily shoving his arms through a t-shirt, looking rather sheepish as he did so. “H-hey, Jiro! How was the jog?”

"It was good," said Jiro slowly. "Is the shower on?"

"Um, yeah, sorry," apologized Taisei, sidling out the bedroom. He was clutching his jeans in one hand. "I was just about to, uh, have a shower."

Jiro gave him a funny look. “Why did you leave it running?”

"It had to heat up."

They stared at each other for a few seconds, Taisei fidgeting uncomfortably with his jeans. Eventually Jiro shrugged and moved towards the sofa. “Just hurry it up, I want to use it after you.”

"Sure." As Jiro settled down with his drink and flicked the television on, Taisei hastily slid the bathroom door open and squeezed in, slamming it shut behind him.

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I was just drawing some sleepy Yuudais and then everything went kind of shippy

I was just drawing some sleepy Yuudais and then everything went kind of shippy

oops a fanfic

Not for the first time that evening, Yuudai found himself asking how on earth this had happened. Well, not quite – it had started with a phone call – but he was still trying to work out what had happened, because he wasn’t entirely sure any more. 

Ah, that damned phone call. Yuudai wasn’t keen on giving out his mobile number, but he respected Taro to some degree and had always expected the butcher to keep their relationship strictly professional. So it came as something of a shock to receive a phone call from the elder Sakana brother at 11.30PM on a Friday night – just when Yuudai was settling down on the couch for some late night television with Hime snuggled in his lap.

If that was a shock to Yuudai, it was nothing compared to what Taro was asking of him. Poor Yuudai had responded with anger, incredulity and refusal by fits and turns, but nothing would persuade Taro otherwise. It was a request from Jiro, and in Taro’s world what Jiro wants, Jiro gets.

It was certainly pretty brazen of that nasty little boy, Yuudai thought bitterly as he struggled up the last flight of stairs to his flat. Asking favours of him after all those years of upstaging him at the stall. And such a big favour as well.

In spite of himself, Yuudai had to suppress a slight curl of the lip as he reflected on his pun. Oh yes, Tachibana was a big favour all right.

And somehow one that was made so much bigger when draped across Yuudai’s shoulders, weighing him down with what felt like ten tons of sleepy drunk. Yuudai had managed quite a feat by carrying Taisei all the way up to the top floor and he was pretty impressed with himself.

As he reached his front door, Yuudai shrugged Taisei unceremoniously to the floor and extracted his keys from his pockets, glancing down at the drunkard as he did so. “Geez…” He rolled his eyes and jammed the key into the lock. “Who forgets their keys on a night out anyway?”

Taisei responded with a sleepy smacking of his lips. He was wearing an expensive business suit, but it was badly crumpled, his tie was missing and the buttons of his blue shirt were done up in the wrong holes. In short, he was a bit of a mess.

Tonight he’d managed to screw up more spectacularly than usual. Taro and Jiro had gone to stay with relatives for the weekend, and of course Taisei had chosen this opportune moment to get astonishingly drunk, crash his scooter and lose his flat keys in the space of a mere two hours. Unable to rush to his rescue, his roommates turned to the only person they knew who lived nearby, knew Taisei (relatively speaking) and was definitely not doing anything on a Friday night. Yuudai.

Being asked to pick Taisei up was bad enough for Yuudai, but since Taisei had nowhere to go after losing his keys, he was going to have to stay over.

The thought made Yuudai feel faintly queasy, but in a toss-up between a brief invasion of his privacy, and getting pounded to mush by Taro for losing Jiro’s best friend, Taisei Tachibana won…just.

Although Yuudai was now thinking he might have made the wrong decision. Not only was Taisei extremely heavy, he was also still incredibly drunk and possibly unconscious, judging by the lifeless way his head banged on the floor as Yuudai pushed the front door open.

Light spilled out from Yuudai’s well-lit apartment, illuminating his sparsely furnished front room. He allowed himself a brief sigh of relief, before turning back to Taisei and hooking his hands under his armpits in an attempt to haul the six-and-a-half foot salesman through the doorway.

As he struggled, Yuudai smiled to himself once more as he realised this was the first time, probably in history, than anyone was ever trying to get a salesman into their house as opposed to out.

After a few seconds, he gave up and stood over Taisei’s inert form, scratching his neck thoughtfully. This was going to be problematic. He was rather hoping he’d just be able to drag the sleeping Taisei in, leave him on the couch and hope that he wouldn’t wake up for the next twelve hours. But Taisei was proving so impossible to move that Yuudai was probably going to have to wake him up.

“Mrow?” A fat, fluffy white figure appeared on the carpet, green eyes wide and ears pricked at the sight of her owner.

 “Hime! No, princess, stay there,” chided Yuudai, flapping one hand at his beloved cat. “The door’s open, it’s not safe.”

With her tail stuck proudly in the air, Hime got to her feet and sauntered over to where Taisei was lying on his back across the doorstep, head and shoulders in the flat and the rest of him without. She raised a paw and batted his dark hair curiously. “Miaow.” 

“Don’t touch, Hime,” said Yuudai, nudging her gently with one foot. “It’s dirty.”

Hime ignored him, and after pushing Taisei’s hair around a little more, decided that she liked this new addition to her home after all, and promptly climbed up and sat on him. Perched serenely on his chest like a little white bird, she began washing her ears with one paw.

“ – Gnk!” Yuudai made an odd strangled noise. “Hime! Get off there!” he hissed urgently, dropping to all fours and making gentle ushering motions. “Come on, baby girl, come to Daddy…”

To his intense distress, Hime instead tucked her cute little paws under her fluffy white belly, curled her tail around herself, and began snoozing on Taisei’s chest.

“Oh Hime…” hissed Yuudai to himself. He closed his eyes for a second, took a deep breath, and then leaned precariously over to pluck his cat up. Instantly, Hime’s green eyes flew open, she yowled indignantly – and dug her claws into Taisei’s chest.

“Gnnaaaaah!” Instantly Taisei jerked upright, yelling with pain and flailing his arms. Yuudai went flying backwards into his flat, and Hime shot up into the air, fur fluffed up with terror. 

She landed squarely on Taisei once more, trembling and spitting like an angry snowball. Painfully, Yuudai struggled to his knees, clutching a badly bruised shoulder. “Hime! Are you okay?”

“Kssss!” she responded shrilly.

Taisei sat up a little straighter and ground one hand into his eye. “Whaa…”


He lowered his hand once more and stared down at the wall-eyed Persian in his lap. “Hallo, kitty.” Yuudai stiffened as he laid a palm on Hime’s head, but Taisei merely rubbed affectionately between her ears. “Ahh you’re cute…where’d you come from?”

Cursing himself for waking Taisei up, Yuudai got to his feet and shuffled awkwardly over. After some hesitation, he coughed awkwardly into one hand to draw Taisei’s attention.

Taisei turned around. “Hunh?”

Yuudai was unsure what to say. “Uh…it’s – gnh…are you – uh…hm.” He clasped his arms around himself and frowned. “That’s my cat,” he managed to choke out eventually.

For a second Taisei stared at him slack-jawed, and Yuudai was wondering if he’d heard, when there was a sudden yell of “Oh my god!” and Hime shot out of Taisei’s lap faster than greased lightning.

Taisei struggled upright, swaying dangerously where he stood in the still open doorway. He pointed dramatically at Yuudai, who cringed away; Taisei’s height made him pretty intimidating at such close quarters.

“Gyahahahhahha! That’s so – so crazy,” laughed Taisei. “They were all like ‘hey Tai Yuudai will come get you’ and I was like no way but oh my god, ahhahahahhaha! You’re here!” 

“Well actually – ”

“How did you do that? It’s like – it’s like they’re psychic…or you’re batman…” Taisei hiccupped and leaned against the doorframe in order to keep himself upright. “You shoulda told me you were batman, Tananaanakananakanaka…”

“Tanaka,” growled Yuudai. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to close the apartment door.”

Taisei obligingly pushed it closed, and then slid to the floor, resting his back against the shut door. “Hahahaha…man how did I even get here?” He burped, and Yuudai wrinkled his nose as he caught a strong whiff of alcohol. “Gahahahaha…whoops…”

“How much have you had to drink?” asked Yuudai cautiously, drawing his dressing gown more tightly around himself.

Taisei giggled. “Ha!” 

Yuudai wisely chose not to pursue the matter, and instead gestured brusquely over his shoulder. “You can sleep on the couch. Taro and Jiro will come pick you up tomorrow morning.”

Only one word of this appeared to register in Taisei’s alcohol-soaked mind. “Jiro!” he said excitedly, shooting upright once more. “I love that guy! He’s got like…this craaazy hair – ” Taisei pushed his own hair off his forehead and laughed. “Like a shark.” 

Irritated, Yuudai opened his mouth to repeat his explanation, but was abruptly cut off by Taisei suddenly lunging for him and enfolding the wiry blonde in his enormous arms. “But hey, your hair is totally cool too! It’s awesoooome!”

Yuudai shrieked and began struggling furiously. “Put me down!

“Ahahahhahahahaha!” Taisei carried Yuudai across the room at a staggering walk. “You’re skinny, Yuudai! I can carry you in just one hand and – oops.” He lost his grip on Yuudai and dropped him clumsily, luckily onto the couch. “ – no I can’t.”

With incredible speed and a face the colour of an angry tomato, Yuudai rolled off the couch and snatched up a cushion. “How dare you – I mean…what – you – rrgghh!” Overcome with embarrassment and fury, he threw the cushion at Taisei as hard as he could. Predictably, it did little damage beyond making Taisei sway slightly on the spot. “Ow.”

Still incandescent with rage, Yuudai pointed very deliberately at the couch. “You are to stay there for the next 12 hours and do not touch anything else.

“Aww.” Obediently, Taisei shuffled over and collapsed into a sitting position, suddenly absolutely exhausted. “I’msorryTanadai.” 

Yuudai didn’t bother to correct him. “Stay away from me.”

“I’m sorry I scared you…”

“What?” blustered Yuudai indignantly. “You didn’t scare me, I just – you…I just don’t like people touching me, that’s all.”

Taisei pouted. “Not even hugs?” 

Especially hugs.”

After a moment’s silence, Taisei leaned forward and shrugged off his suit jacket, pushing it to one side in an untidy crumpled heap. “I lost my tie.”


He looked down at himself and then sat back heavily with a deep sigh. “It was a good tie.” He hiccupped loudly. “Tired…”

“Go to sleep then,” said Yuudai, a little more brusquely than he’d intended. And then, less harshly, “I’ll go get you a blanket.”

As Yuudai slunk into his bedroom, Hime appeared suddenly at his ankles, twisting around his feet like a white feather boa. She gazed up at him, the earlier incident either forgiven or forgotten. “Mrow?”

He smiled down at her, and opened the sliding cupboard door. It was a dark, lonely room, empty save for a forlorn pile of unwashed clothes and a lone futon. Somewhere in the depths of his dusty, largely unused cupboard Yuudai found a spare blanket. He raised his arms and let it open out, regarding it critically, trying to measure it by eye. There was no way it was going to be big enough to cover Tachibana – but it was all he had.

Yuudai’s gaze fell on his own bedcovers, and he hesitated. Then he shook himself furiously and stormed out the room, back to where Taisei was still sitting slumped on the sofa like a stringless puppet.

“Here.” Yuudai thrust the blanket at him.

Taisei didn’t respond.

“Taisei?” Yuudai took a step closer. “Are you asleep?”

Taisei sat with his head tilted to one side, his hair a black matted mess and his hands resting either side of him on the sofa, completely dead to the world. In silence, Yuudai stood there, twisting the blanket around and around his skinny fingers.

The seconds ticked by, and still Yuudai stared. Taisei’s face was rosy pink with inebriation, or exhaustion, Yuudai couldn’t tell. The alcohol had made him flushed and warm, and his hair was sticking to his slightly sweaty forehead. Shyly, Yuudai’s gaze traced the line down from Taisei’s jaw to the beginning of his collarbone peeking out of that askew business shirt.

He shook himself furiously, and resorted to criticism. He reeks of alcohol, and his clothes are a mess, he thought to himself, eyeing the abandoned blazer distastefully. And his hair is too long, he added, somewhat hypocritically. And his nose is too big.

And yet…somehow…in spite of – or maybe because of – all this…Taisei was – cute. It was the thought that had been trying to claw it’s way out of Yuudai’s sour, embittered mind since the day they first met, and it was only now, in the privacy of his own home and the silence of Taisei’s sleeping that Yuudai was able to admit that, yes, he thought Taisei was ridiculously adorable and in many ways just – nice.

The thought was too much to handle and Yuudai immediately pressed the blanket to his face, almost expecting it to burst into flames.

Nervously, Yuudai peeped over the top of the blanket but Taisei had not stirred. For a few tense seconds Yuudai fidgeted uncomfortably, and suddenly advanced forward and spread the blanket over Taisei in a single fluid motion, taking extra care not to touch the sleeping figure.

As Yuudai was straightening up, Taisei stirred and his eyes fluttered open. Instantly Yuudai froze where he stood like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

“Mmmfh…” Taisei raised a hand and rubbed one eye vigorously. “Yuudai?” He stared out from under his thick fringe with tired, heavy-lidded eyes.

Yuudai’s blush deepened. “Um…I – I got you a blanket,” he muttered rather unnecessarily. “I – I’m going to bed. Goodnight…”

“Isnotthatlate…” mumbled Taisei unintelligibly, scratching his chest. He paused and stared down at himself once more. “Aahh…Yuudaiiii…”

“What now?”

He raised his head, bottom lip stuck out endearingly. “I messed my shirt up,” he whined, gesturing at the buttons. The top one was undone entirely, and the others were all done up in the wrong holes, creating an wholly lopsided effect. It occurred to Yuudai that it meant that at some point in the evening Taisei had taken his shirt off, and he turned away, convinced that his face was actually glowing now.

“Fix it for meee.”

“What?” spluttered Yuudai, resorting to outrage in his confusion. “No! Fix it yourself.”

“I can’t do the buttons probably,” wailed Taisei. He frowned and shook his head. “I mean properly. It’s too fiddly.” He tugged at Yuudai’s sleeve. “Pleaase.”

“I want to go to bed,” grumbled Yuudai, hugging himself defensively. “Can’t you just sleep like that?” Taisei shook his head. Sighing heavily, Yuudai clenched and unclenched his fists a couple of times and then begrudgingly let his arms fall. “Come here.”

As Taisei stood up, Yuudai had to restrain himself from shrinking away; he really was ridiculously tall. He swallowed hard, and then reached up to the first button with slightly shaking fingers.

Silently, Taisei stood and watched as Yuudai slowly worked each button through the hole, fumbling clumsily here and there. For his part, Yuudai was trying hard not to remember how long it had been before he’d even touched another person’s chest – or whose chest that had been. He screwed his face up and tried to concentrate on something else. Tried to concentrate on Taisei.

Yuudai hadn’t realised he’d been holding his breath, but as the last button fell open he let it out in a shaky sigh. Still not looking at Taisei’s face, he tugged at the material of the shirt to straighten it out and lined the two edges up.

His fingers had barely brushed the bottom button before Taisei’s hand suddenly closed around his wrist.

Everything, including Yuudai’s mind, froze up, and they stared at each other for a moment. Yuudai’s gaze darted quickly from Taisei’s hand back to his face, his heart thudding somewhere in this throat.

With a suddenness that made Yuudai jump, he felt Taisei’s other hand descend on his forearm, and then Taisei lurched close –

Yuudai opened one eye, his heart hammering. Taisei was bent down, his forehead resting on Yuudai’s own and his breath hot against Yuudai’s mouth.

There was a silence, before Yuudai managed to choke out a stifled squeak. It felt like the only noise he’d ever be able to make again.

“I – mm sorry,” muttered Taisei, moving back a little. He didn’t relinquish his grip, however. “I just…I – can I just…hug you instead?”

For a moment Yuudai struggled with himself. “ – No. I – just want to go to bed, I – eep.” Taisei gave a decisive yank, and pulled Yuudai against his chest.

Yuudai cowered against Taisei, unable to tear himself away as Taisei’s enormous arms folded themselves around his skinny body. He screwed his eyes shut, trembling in the heat radiating from Taisei’s bare chest. Sighing, Taisei rested his chin on the top of Yuudai’s head and closed his own eyes. “Sorry.”

“Mmfnfh,” was all Yuudai managed.

Taisei released him once more. “Ssorryy…”

Clenching his hands together, Yuudai stared down at his feet, red in the face. It took him a full minute to compose himself once more, and for him to feel able to look Taisei in the face once more.

Which was a mistake. Not only was Taisei’s shirt still hanging tantalisingly open (making Yuudai feel very hot under the collar indeed) but his hair was damp and dishevelled, brushed aside to reveal one sleep-looking eye that was gazing down at Yuudai with an almost – tender expression.

Trembling, Yuudai took a step backwards. “T-Taisei…”

Taisei reached out one hand pleadingly. “You didn’t finish my shirt.”

“Y-you didn’t let me!” squeaked Yuudai.

“Did I scare you?” asked Taisei miserably. “I’m sorry…you just never like talking to me very much and it seemed like a good idea…but it wasn’t…and – I’m sorry…” He rubbed his forehead. “Aaggh..”

“Look…Taisei, I – well…you – you’re drunk,” pointed out Yuudai. “And, it’s just…just that…welll…” He sighed heavily. “I – I’m going to bed.”

“My shirt…”

Apprehensively, Yuudai drew closer. “I-I’ll do the buttons for you, but then I’m going straight to bed.” He swallowed his wildly beating heart, and reminded himself that Taisei would probably have forgotten all this by the morning.

“Mmh,” mumbled Taisei, giving no indication that he’d heard.

This time, Yuudai managed to do up two buttons, before Taisei grabbed him once more, pulling him close by both wrists.

It was no less exhilarating than the first time, and again Yuudai felt his heart thunder against his ribs, his blood roaring in his ears, as Taisei stared down at him, just centimetres away.


“Taisei, I – mmf – ” Taisei’s mouth closed upon his own, and Yuudai would never finish that sentence.

The kiss was wet and untidy, but in his clumsiness Taisei’s lips occasionally slipped off Yuudai’s, and every time Yuudai’s back prickled as he felt Taisei’s breath against his face. It was an untidy kiss, but it was a powerful one.

Taisei broke off, and hung his head. “Ggnhngh…I’m sorry…”

Yuudai felt his shoulders rise and fall with his breathing; he felt as though he had just run a mile. He stared up at Taisei, trembling.

The second kiss was longer, fiercer somehow, although Taisei still did not relinquish Yuudai’s hands, instead holding his skinny forearms up by his shoulders, leaving Yuudai almost helpless.

He let go once they broke apart again, and immediately Yuudai collapsed onto the sofa, head spinning. Uncertainly, Taisei stood over him, squeezing his fingers together anxiously. “I’m sorry.”

Wordlessly Yuudai waved a hand. Bizarrely, he almost wanted to laugh at Taisei’s excessive apologising. He felt light-headed and electric – he wondered if Taisei had managed to make him drunk.


Yuudai reached up, and grasped the hem of Taisei’s shirt, craning his head upwards to look him in the eye. “Stop that.”

“But I screwed up,” moaned Taisei, massaging his head. “You didn’t even like it when I hugged you and I knew I shouldn’t have, I just drunk sooo much and – and I’m sorry…” He ran a hand through his hair and gazed down at Yuudai. “Are you mad?”

Silently, quivering with his own daring, Yuudai undid the two fastened buttons on Taisei’s shirt by way of a reply.

Taisei bent over Yuudai and gave him his third kiss of the evening, running his hand through the thick blonde hair at the back of his head. At first, Yuudai didn’t move, still nervous and breathless with anticipation, but as Taisei’s mouth became more insistent, his kisses more demanding, Yuudai felt himself growing bolder. He pushed Taisei off him, and then pulled him by the front of his shirt down onto the couch.

He had barely sat down before Taisei leaned over and dragged him close once more to kiss him again and again. Clumsily, Yuudai’s hands grasped at Taisei’s open shirt before sliding in to rest themselves against his chest, fingers pressing into the hot skin.

Briefly, Taisei broke away from Yuudai and whispered, “I’m sorry,” so that the wet skin around Yuudai’s mouth tingled.

“Stop saying that…” muttered Yuudai, letting out his breath in a long shaky sigh as Taisei buried his face in his neck, licking and sucking at the skin.

“I’m still sorry,” moaned Taisei into Yuudai’s shoulder. “It’s all my fault.”

“Yeah,” sighed Yuudai, running his hands through Taisei’s thick mop of hair. “Yeah, it is.”

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Taisei answered the door with his hair clipped up like a middle-schooler trying to be cute. ”You look ridiculous,” Yuudai told him, and Taisei touched his hair like he’d forgotten about it.

“It gets in my eyes sometimes,” Taisei said, and then, “You’re late.”

“I know.” Yuudai slipped off his…


Firstly, a big “Thank you!” to Mad for allowing me to operate this shindig.  The rules are simple.  All submissions must relate to Sakana in some way or another.  There is no restrictions on the language your fan-arts and fan-fics may contain.  Anything goes for fan-art.  After all, a lot happens after dark. ^_-